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Welcome to CodeOutOfBounds - a great website to address all your programming needs!
The programs available here range from basics of programming in C++ and Java to mind boggling programs that are part of the syllabus through the various semesters for Computer and IT engineers.
The main objective of the website is to make otherwise difficult to understand programs a little easier to understand and also readily available to everyone.
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There are also quite a few projects uploaded here. These projects have been created by different people. We would like to thank them for allowing us to upload their projects.
Please note that the purpose of our website is to make programming a little easier. We do not promote the act of cheating and/or copying and using the same programs for your journal. Please view our Disclaimer at the bottom of the page for more details.

iOS Tweak of the Week: GraviBoard

Watch all your apps and folders tumble as they get a sense of gravity on your iDevice! Install Graviboard - the iOS tweak of the week highlighted here.


Android Tweak of the Week: Create Custom icons

Create custom icons for your beloved Android apps - yet another way of making your phone stand out.


iOS App of the Week: Find My iPhone

For all those Apple-savvy geeks out there - here's a safe way of keeping track of your precious iDevice.
Find My iPhone lets you locate your iDevice, remotely lock it, and also lets you play a tone in case you just can't find it.
Check it out on the Apple App store here.

Android App of the week: Google Keep

Keep losing track of what you have to do? Use Google Keep - an app created by the masters themselves, and you'll never miss out on anything again!


Java class of the week: HashMap

Have you ever wondered how you could store an entire list of values using keys, and then retrieve any of these values using the unique key?
For those who aren't familiar with HashMap class of Java, read the Oracle documentation on the highly useful class here.

HTML Trick of the week: Geolocation

Need to know a user's location for some reason?
Check out this nifty little HTML5 trick that gives you the exact location of your user!

CSS Trick of the week: Animation

Want to animate a button, or a photo on your website, but without the hussle of jQuery or JavaScript?
Have no fear, CSS3 is here! Check out this awesome website that has a myriad of animations to choose from!


We try our best to upload correct codes that work as said. However, if there are any discrepancies, we regret them and would correct them whenever possible.These codes are purely for helping our classmates, juniors and fellow engineering students in better understanding of the journal programs. COOB does not, by any means, promote the act of cheating and/or copying and using the same programs for your journal!

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